Novexa Design Principles

Central to the success of our products is the rigorous application of the Novexa Design Principles, a set of simple rules focused on the totality of the needs and requirements of people using software (Customers), not merely aesthetics:

Speed If software is too slow, Customers will move on - simple as that.
Utility Software must perform some valuable function to simplify and improve Customers' lives.
Clarity Content must be clear and straightforward, expressed in plain language.
Control Customers must be in control - the software must work to their requirements, not the other way round.
Conformity The best software conforms to Customers' expectations and is intuitive.
Ubiquity The best software works across a range of platforms, where and when Customers need it.
Integration The best software integrates with Customers' existing applications to maximise utility, efficiency and convenience.
Value Customers must perceive the software to be worth its cost.

Particularly in the case of internet-based products, while substantive content is at the core of utility and success, so too are many non-content factors (usually grouped under the title of the Customer Experience). We aim to reflect these realities in every product we create.